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I was blown away by the quality of these pillows! So lifelike I sometimes walk across the room and catch a glimpse of my Lilipi pillow thinking it’s actually my bunny on the loose it’s so realistic !


- Kylie F.

Purchased this for my sister that recently lots her dog, because I saw it on the View. She said it was emotional opening it up and looking at him again. It was like he was back with them. But she loved it, and I think it's very beneficial for those who have lots their furry loved ones.


- Lauren T.

My beloved cat died last October. I purchased 2 pillows that are shaped around her, I have one of her sitting up on a chair that I see all day. I have one of her sleeping on my bed as she did all the time. I didn’t ask to see a proof, just asked them to crop out around her. They are so realistic that I often look twice as I walk by. They are giving me so much comfort now as they are soft and the image is unbelievably realistic. I will definitely order again and refer anyone I know that has a pet, Thank you for what you have made for me.  


- Susan M.

It truly was better than I could ever have hoped for. We lost our Blondie on 11/12/13, my husband adored her, and even though we have since gotten 2 more yellow lab mixes, he still grieves her. We’ve been married 50 years, and this was one of the best hugs I’ve ever received from this man, so I’d say it was a 5 Star rate. He keeps it on the bookcase headboard and pats her each night before going to bed. Thanks for your innovation.


- Kathleen P.