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My life began like a normal Persian male kitten born on May 10, 2014, but things quickly changed. I was given as a gift to a veterinarian in Repentigny, Quebec, Canada where my mom, Nathalie works as a groomer. She took me home for a weekend and fell in love with me 9no surprise there!) She asked the veterinarian if she could adopt me since I was so adorable. She agreed and I found my forever home with two humans, two children and two other cats. 

Soon after being adopted it was discovered I have a very rare congenital condition called hypertichosis (also known as werewolf syndrome). It’s less scary than it sounds- and I don’t go eating anyone in the night of a full moon ;) The hairs of my face are thicker, like a dog. The ends of my paws are thicker and I have a problem with my teeth that are porous. I require close medical attention, since no one knows what my hypertrichosis can cause because of the rarity of this congenital problem. Overall I am a very joyful and playful cat!


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