Your Questions Answered About Our LifeLike Pillows

Today, we’re celebrating... 

Over the last year, over 1,500 LifeLike Pillow customers have given our LifeLike Pillows five-star reviews! We can’t thank you enough. 

We truly appreciate reading your reviews, hearing your stories, and just knowing what we do here at LifeLike Pillows is making a difference in your lives. 

In honor of our amazing customers, we’re taking time today to answer customers’ questions about our custom pillow - including how to make sure your image will look great on your pillow. 

 Read on for a closer look at our answers to your frequently asked questions...

“What’s a LifeLike Pillow?

LifeLike Pillows are any of your favorite images turned into fun double-sided pillow. 

Just upload any image, and our team of designers will turn it into a custom double-sided pillow.LifeLike Pillows make a perfect gift to treat yourself or gift a friend for any occasion. Surprise a family member for any occasion with this unique gift, or commemorate a pet after they pass away. 

 If you need an idea of how the pillows look, check out our reviews.

"How long does the production and shipping take? And where do you ship from?”

Because our product is custom and made to order, our production and delivery times are estimated and not guaranteed. Our guaranteed delivery is only available with our priority shipping option only. 

Typically our total time for production is anywhere from 5-7 business days (especially during the busy holiday season) and then we ship our packages using USPS first class which can take anywhere from 2-5 business days depending on where the package is being shipped to. 

And we ship all of our pillows from our production facility and headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. 

“How do I pick a good image for the pillow?”

Great question; A good image is considered to have: 

- No blur or glare from the sun 

- The subject of your appear in the foreground 

- The color of subject not blending in with the background (ie. black shirt on black chair) 

- No objects interfere with the subject of the image (ie. hands petting a dog) 

- Minimal grass

Take a look at the images beside for good examples.

“Where are your pillows made?”

Our pillows are made in production facility in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

Want to see how we make our pillows? You can view our video here 

“How long does each pillow last?

With proper care your pillow should last forever...

What we mean by proper care is regular washing and drying of the pillow if you bring it on the go with you (yes, our pillows are machine washable and dryable!)

That also means not having your pup tear through the pillow like a chew toy. 

Again, thank you to our customers!

We just want to say once more how thrilled we are that customers are loving our custom LifeLike Pillows.  And most importantly a huge thank you to everyone who has given these pillows a five-star review. 

We appreciate all of you! 

If you still haven’t had a chance to purchase your custom pillow, you can do so by clicking the button below.

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