Extra Wide Smile this Winter Season for Dr. Mike’s Little Patients


How much do you love your health? Believe it or not, some adults still have an anxiety or fear of doctors as much as some kids do. This is the result of irregular visitation to doctors since they were young and of course, a traumatic experience while undergoing any procedure.

Everyone knows that maintaining a good health is one of the most important things to do every day. For instance, visiting a dentist at least once or twice a year is very important especially to the little ones. Among all dental patients, kids are the most fragile patients as their primary experience with their dentists serves as a great foundation. Every good and bad experience inside the clinic means a lot to kids as it could give a big impact to them.

Therefore, aside from providing health services to the little patients, doctors also make sure that they only give the best experience to their patients. The goal of doctors is to make the little ones their lifelong patients without giving them anxiety, or phobias that would hinder them from entering any clinic ever. This means that the pediatric doctors play a very big role in the health of children by establishing a foundation.

The only method to provide the best care to children without instilling fear is through building a positive environment. And Lilipi Brand adds that building of positive environment starts with parents and guardians treating their children with patience and compassion. This is the main reason why Dr. Mikhail Varshavski or Dr. Mike for short decided to collaborate with Lilipi Brand.

Doctors should know how to make children feel comfortable inside their clinic. And this is where Dr. Mike deserves an A+. Aside from having a charming face and intelligence, Dr. Mike makes sure that all of his patients have something to treasure upon leaving his clinic. Especially this winter season, Dr. Mike keeps his little patients healthy and happy all throughout the visit.

Are you excited to know the secret of Dr. Mike?

It’s Lilipi Brand’s custom shaped pillows! Thanks to the custom shaped @roxy.husky pillows from Lilipi Brand, these adorable pillows were able to bring an extra wide smile to his patients. Who wouldn’t want to hug a life-like pillow that looks like a Siberian Husky?

With pillows like this Lilipi Brand and doctors like Dr. Mike, no more little patient will be coming home crying or afraid of doctors. Every child will be living healthier and with a wider smile.

  • Dima Eremin